Discovering the Blue Mountains


Experience The Blue Mountains beautiful flora and fauna

The Blue Mountains, so named because the fine particles of dispersed Eucalyptus tree oil emitted into the air by evaporation, reflect blue light from incoming sunlight. These are some of the oldest mountains in the world. Inhabited plateaus, spectacular escarpments and valleys of virgin bushland make this spectacular area globally unique.

Whether you go for a trek of several days’ duration or just wander through the lovely and peaceful countryside for half an hour, there are walks to suit everyone. Lookouts abound and for photographers there are endless opportunities. For the more adventurous, there are options such as abseiling down a sheer cliff or canyoning in a little-known valley. Canoeing and fishing are also available in the area. 

Both weather and vegetation vary enormously in the Blue Mountains Region. Vegetation on the plateaus can be windswept and scrubby and a short distance down towards the valley floor there are lush temperate rainforests. When venturing into the bush, preparedness for all types
of weather is essential.