Discovering the Blue Mountains

Would you believe?

Discover the history of the Blue Mountains hereThe human history of the Blue Mountains starts with indigenous occupation, thought to have started as many as 40,000 years ago. Three main tribes are represented, the Gundungurra, the Darug and the Wiradjuri. Descendants of these peoples still live in the area today.

White people first crossed the Mountains in 1813 when Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson successfully found a way over the Mountains to the rich grazing land of the Central West. The road to Bathurst was built by convict labour under the direction of William Cox the following year.

In the 1850’s gold was discovered in Bathurst and a coal mine was opened up in Katoomba in 1879. Tourism developed from the 1930s and Katoomba became well known as a destination. 

Today, the Mountains’ major industry is tourism and the region has developed
into a cosmopolitan area with a relaxed lifestyle rich in artistic talent, antiques
and diverse cultural offerings.